Nepal's 1st and Only ISO 9001:2015 Certified Rudraksha Organization

Certification and Guarantee

Nepa Rudraksha only sells Lab-certified and authentic Nepali Rudraksha. Our founding fathers were strong advocates of preserving the authenticity and Vedic energization of Rudraksha and we are committed to the principal to date. Nepa Rudraksha offers the following certification on all Nepali Rudrakshas sold by us:

1. Nepa’s Free Authenticity Certificate: The Free authenticity certificate issued by Nepa Rudraksha has detailed specifications of your product with exact digital images of the product, size, weight, and comments on the quality. This certification is valid for Life.
2. IRL certification ($30): International Rudraksha Laboratory is the only Rudraksha specific laboratory in Nepal and is Registered with Nepal Government. IRL experts will issue certificates solely to authentic Rudraksha and its certification is valid for Life and accepted by Nepa Rudraksha.
3. IRL certification & X-ray ($55): IRL laboratories are equipped with digital x-rays which are used to verify the authenticity of a Rudraksha. With IRL certification + X-ray, your certificate of authenticity will come with physical x-ray images of the beads and is accepted by Nepa Rudraksha.
Note: Customers are able to select their certification choice when adding their product to the cart.

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