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Nepa Rudraksha: Redefining the Rudraksha Shopping Experience

Posted By: Nepa Rudraksha
January 11, 2021


Nepa Rudraksha is proud to announce the launch of our redesigned and upgraded website with added facilities to make your shopping experience better and allow you to choose from the world’s largest collection of authentic and energized Nepali Rudraksha. Since 1973, Nepa Rudraksha has been committed to supplying Authentic Nepali Rudraksha to devotees and believers around the world.

Our vision still remains the same and we continuously work on making Nepa Rudraksha the best place to buy Nepali Rudraksha Online. We thank each and every one of our customers for making Nepa Rudraksha the most trusted Rudraksha supplier in Nepal and in the world.

10 Key Features that make Nepa Rudraksha the best place to buy Rudraksha online:

1. Buy Rudraksha online from the Largest Collection of Authentic Nepali Rudraksha with added features and selections:

[Please click here to explore our collection of authentic Rudraksha]

Since 1973, Nepa Rudraksha has grown to become the world’s largest collection of authentic Nepali Rudraksha supplying to more than 163 countries around the world.

With the launch of our updated website, customers can select from the widest range of premium quality and lab-certified Rudraksha. From One Mukhi Rudraksha to 26 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Nepa Rudraksha is the only online Rudraksha vendor that has all the products available for purchase on the same day. We can proudly claim that no other Rudraksha vendor has the range, quality, and type of Nepali Rudraksha available for purchase compared to our collection. That is why Nepa Rudraksha is the best place to buy authentic Rudraksha online and the most trusted Rudraksha store for generations.

In addition to adding a wide range of authentic Rudraksha for purchase, Nepa Rudraksha also offers unlimited customization to your Rudraksha order and understands that your needs are unique. 

2. What Rudraksha should you wear? What are the Benefits of Rudraksha? Get the information and help you need with Nepa Rudraksha’s updated Rudraksha information section.


As shown in the above image, Nepa Rudraksha is the best place to learn more about Rudraksha and the significance and benefits of each Rudraksha bead are.

Nepa Rudraksha is blessed to be founded by Late  Mr. Balaram Khatiwada, a Vedic scholar himself. Since its founding, Nepa Rudraksha has provided Vedic information on every Rudraksha Mukhi.

Now, with the launch of its upgraded website, information about Rudraksha is more accessible than ever before.

Customers can learn about the benefits, types, qualities, and the Beej mantra for each Rudraksha in one place. Learn more about each Rudraksha by clicking on the individual Rudraksha beads here.


Rudraksha Consultation Option:

For customers who want to learn more about Rudraksha and get personalized Rudraksha recommendations based on birth charts, Nepa Rudraksha offers a premium Rudraksha consultation option.

Nepa Rudraksha also has free consultation for Rudraksha which is held entirely through email. Learn more about Rudraksha Consultation here.

3. Buy Lab Certified Rudraksha Online and select your certification [ Rudraksha X-Ray Certification option now available]

To make authentic Nepali Rudraksha more accessible to the world, we use International Rudraksha Laboratory (IRL), the oldest and only fully equipped and Nepal Government registered Rudraksha Lab in Nepal, which means that customers can buy Nepal Government-certified Rudraksha exclusively at Nepa Rudraksha.


[As shown in the above picture, customers can choose from three different forms of certification when placing their order]

As always, Nepa Rudraksha Certification is complementary to everyone buying Rudraksha with us. Learn more about our certification here.

Nepa Rudraksha also provides x-ray certification of Rudraksha through a 3rd Party Laboratory (IRL) at additional cost.

[Note: IRL is the only government registered Rudraksha laboratory in Nepal with x-ray facilities and Nepa Rudraksha does not have control over the price of the x-ray certification charged by the laboratory and hence cannot provide discounts for Rudraksha x-ray certification in Nepal].

4. Buy Energized Rudraksha exclusively at Nepa Rudraksha.[ All Rudraksha Energized at Lord Pashupatinath Temple for Free]


The benefits and effectiveness of wearing Energized Nepali  Rudraksha are unparalleled. You can now purchase Energized Nepali Rudraksha exclusively at Nepa Rudraksha. Choose from premium Rudraksha Prana Pratishta Pooja or Complimentary Touch Energization for your Rudraksha.


[As shown in the above image, customers can select their energization method while placing their order]

Nepa Rudraksha is the only certified Rudraksha supplier in Nepal offering Free Touch Rudraksha Energization at Lord Pashupatinath Temple. Learn more about our Energization procedure here.

5. Select how you want your Rudraksha bead or Rudraksha Mala to be designed. [Feature exclusively available at Nepa Rudraksha]



As shown in the above image, customers can select from Silver Capping, Silver pendant, Rudraksha Chain, or even get their Rudraksha as loose beads. [Note: Options vary depending on the Rudraksha being purchased]

6. Buy the Divine Nepali Siddha Mala  [100% Lab Certified and Authentic]


Choose from the widest types of  Nepali Siddha Mala only at Nepa Rudraksha. We only use the highest quality of authentic Rudraksha to make your Siddha Mala. Choose from Basic Siddha Mala (1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi) up to Maha Mrityunjaya Siddha Mala (1-18 Mukhi) available exclusively at Nepa Rudraksha.

[Click Here to learn more about the benefits of wearing Nepali Siddha mala or placing an order for one]

7. Browse From curated Rudraksha Combinations only at Nepa Rudraksha. [Best Rudraksha For Wealth, Prosperity, Health, and more]


Wear Rudraksha based on Zodiac Signs [Rudraksha combination based on Rashi], Rudraksha combination for achieving your goals and aspirations, and more.

Click Here to browse the Rudraksha combinations and achieve your true potential with authentic Nepali Rudraksha. [Note: All of our combinations are made with thorough Vedic research and consultation with Rudraksha experts]

8. Exclusive Offers and Deals Only on Rudraksha during festive seasons at Nepa Rudraksha. [Bonus: Track the status of your order and never miss any updates]


Now customers can create an account and register with Nepa Rudraksha so that you can have access to our latest updates and deals.

Creating an Account with Nepa Rudraksha also allows users to add Rudraksha to their wishlist and Track the status of their order once they have placed their order through the website.

Nepa Rudraksha also offers the widest range of Payment Options and expedited shipping on all Rudraksha orders.


9. Buy Rudraksha in the US with Nepa Rudraksha USA


Nepa Rudraksha is the best place to buy Rudraksha in the United States and our experts are available to assist you at our Nepa Rudraksha US office. Nepa Rudraksha is the only trusted and verified business with a branch in the USA and the best place for customers in the US to purchase authentic Rudraksha.

[Customers from the US can contact our USA Branch by clicking here]

10. More Features you might be interested in:


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