Nepali Rudraksha
Nepali Rudraksha has fascinated people across the world due to its mystical properties. It is amazing that a seed of a fruit grown on trees has gone on to receive so much attention and created so much interest worldwide.
Apart from Hindu religious saints, Rudraksha users and worshippers vary from artisans, housewives, academicians to businessmen.
Its origins are traced to Lord Shiva, one of the Trinities of he Hindu religion.
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Sri Saligrams is considered the direct symbol of Lord Vishnu, They are found only in Mukti chhetra and Damodar Kunda (north-west of Nepal).
Mostly saligram are black stone, which is found in the Gandaki River only.
The Puranic declaration is that the Lord himself causes these chakras in the guise of worms. He reveals his presence in Saligram through the Chakras.
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Nepali Rudraksha Malas and Kanthas
Kantha is worn by worshippers during worshipping, to control impluses and to increase concentration level.
Nepa Rudraksha prepares kanthas of 33 original Nepali Rudraksha of highest quality for worshippers. Nepa Rudraksha provides Siddha Mala, Indra Mala, Sarva Siddha Mala, Mangal Siddha Mala and other Power Combination Mala for personal use to enhance Health, Wealth and prosperity.
Malas and Kanthas
Sarva Sidha Mala Sarva Sidha Mala
Sarva Sidha Mala

Upon special request, we perform special pooja to energize Rudraksha Beads and Malas

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21 Mukhi Collector Nepali Rudraksha

We can customize Indra mala, Sidha Mala as per your requirement, along with various combination. Please click the button on right to contact us for your inquiry.